2021 Web Design Trends

Trendy Website Design is One of The Most Important Purchase Factors For 68% B2B Customers

When we hear about trends, most of us think of fashion or social media. We also tend to view them as fads, as following the crowd instead of forging our own creative path. However, when it comes to web design trends, keeping an eye out for the latest changes can only yield benefits for blog owners, private companies looking to sell online, and even learning platforms.

The layout of your website should constantly be adapted to comply with Google’s changing algorithms and tweaked to answer your users’ specific demands. UX, content marketing, and web design should not be seen as separate entities, which is why websites are ever-changing. Here is what to be on the lookout for in web design trends…

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Latest Web Design Trends

#1 3D animation

Most online businesses implement 3D animation on their homepage or in other areas of their website because it’s a clever, visually expressive means of attracting customer attention and creating a memorable first impression. Whether it’s in the form of a stylized moving picture or a symbol, 3D animation adds dynamism without sacrificing brand identity.

#2 Overlapping

Gone are the days when visual elements were carefully separated on page, each with their specific function. One of the most interesting current web design trends is the overlapping of elements (pictures, text, logos) while still creating unity, a connected outlook, and a unique visual impact on the viewer.

#3 Back to logo basics

In the past, most brands went for unconventional logos to attract attention and position themselves on the market, experiencing with different fonts, types of stylization for the letters, color palettes, even saturation levels. In terms of web design trends, we are noticing a switch in the opposite direction, a return to the basics, to the classic logos with simpler lines and fewer details, leading us back to familiarity.

The reasoning is pretty self-explanatory – with the steady rise in social media and smart-phone use, designers had to simplify their logos to render them readable on smaller screens and strip them off unnecessary details. Most famous brands have already implemented the changes, and the differences speak for themselves,

#4 A new focus on words

It may seem paradoxical, but one of the most important present-day web design trends has more to do with words than design. Storytelling via written means has started to take over the stage in a big way. We also mean that statement literally – the focus is now on including large fonts that render the content impossible to ignore, creating a bold, eye-catching, even daring experience for the user on the website.

You can have the most intricate design with complex 3D animation, well-thought user experience, call-to-action sections and buttons, even custom visual elements…but without a story, a compelling narrative to go with them, all you have is a pretty website, not a relevant one.

The bottom line…

These are just some web design trends that we have identified in their quest to take over the ever-expanding current digital world. The internet is evolving rapidly, which is why researching the web and the competition, learning customer desires, and constantly improving is a sure way of staying on top of the game.

How can your company attract more customers utilizing latest design trends?

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