How to Respond to Client Reviews in a Way that Grows Your Business

9 Out of 10 Consumers Read Reviews Before Making a Purchase.

Building a loyal customer base is the key to growing your business, and you can’t build a loyal base of customers without successfully engaging with them and their concerns online. You must respond to their reviews, both the good and the bad ones, in a way that impresses existing and potential customers. Your responses must show them your company is responsible, caring, and trustworthy. Read on to learn the rules to successful review responses.


Why Is Responding To Reviews Very Important?

Responding to both negative and positive reviews is very vital in a business. But, many organizations wonder why?  If a customer leaves a great review, you should not leave it at that. Responding to a positive review benefits your business and strengthens your relationships with your customers. Since the reviews are public, other people can view the positive conversations which will do wonders for your business. As for negative reviews, you cannot ignore them forever.  If you disregard the opinions of other customers, it can have a negative effect on your business. You should always respond to every review because;

  • Responding to a positive review is very polite. Imagine a situation where someone gives you a compliment in real life, the polite thing to do is say thank you. Since the reviews are public, you can make it extra nice.
  • 90% of people read reviews online before purchasing a product or service. There is a high chance that customers and potential customers will see the review and the response. 
  • Active engagement with online conversations can make others join in which creates more visibility for the business. This mostly applies to positive reviews which can lead to more participation and generate more buzz for your company. 
  • Responding improves SEO ranking which makes the positive reviews pop up when people search for the business. 
  • Responding to one customer means you are responding to everyone who reads the review including potential clients. 
  • Replying gives your business an opportunity to correct any mistakes. Even though online reviews are impersonal, they are the same as real-life complaints and compliments. You can change the nature of the complaint by responding and making things right. 
  • Responding to negative feedback shows that you do not neglect your client’s needs. It also shows that your business takes responsibility and gives the client top-notch services.

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Make Your Responses Personal and Authentic

Your responses do not need to be long, but they need to show that you are engaging with the reviewer thoughtfully and personally. Never use boilerplate responses. If your responses sound like a chatbot made them, you will tell your customers that you don’t really care about them or their issues. Address the main point of the review directly, and never try to sidestep an issue or weasel out of giving a real, substantive answer.

Respond Right Away

Never wait more than twenty-four hours to respond to negative reviews. You shouldn’t wait more than forty-eight hours to respond to the positive ones. Waiting a long time to respond tells reviewers and potential customers that your company doesn’t really care about its customers.

Make Real Changes After Learning User Reviews

Even if a reviewer is unreasonable, you need to make things right if you can. Change a product description on the website. Replace defective products, or offer a refund. If the complaint concerns customer service or some other intangible, offer a discount on future purchases. The good reputation your company will gain will more than offset the money and time you spend.

Respond to both Positive and Negative Reviews

62 percent of consumers say they will not buy from brands that hide bad online reviews or don’t respond to them. Responding to negative reviews is important because it is a form of damage control. Responding to the positive reviews is essential as well. When you respond to positive reviews, you encourage other customers to leave positive reviews as well, because people like feeling noticed and appreciated. It is also important because if you put your company name and email address in response to positive reviews but not the negative ones, search engines will rank the positive reviews higher, making them more visible.

Stay Sympathetic

No matter how inappropriate or disrespectful the reviewer is, your response needs to be sympathetic and polite. This shows the reviewer that your company values their concerns and takes their complaints seriously. It also demonstrates to all readers that your company is fair and reasonable.

Responding to Fake Bad Reviews

Sometimes dishonest customers will post fake bad reviews in an attempt to extort your company into offering discounts or merchandise. If you are certain that a negative review is fake, then you can say so in your response, as long as you keep it polite. This will show readers who is behaving in a reasonable manner and who isn’t.

Final Thoughts

Online reviews are the basis for making purchases for most people. Your responses are an important part of how people judge your company. Give them good reason to judge it positively.

How can positive reviews help you to grow your business?

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