Lead Generation

Get 50-100 qualified B2B leads on monthly basis

Fast & flexible

Find B2B clients easy and fast on time and within the budget. Leave the lead generation process to Whales Ventures and let our sales experts to handle the lead funnel.

Discover right contacts throughout all industries and markets all around the globe. Send out your message to them. Get numerous leads with high precision.

Custom approach

Custom approach is deeply rooted in our strategy and actually, makes every mail campaign successful.

  • Personalized mail templates with custom fields that created accordingly to your personal needs
  • Catchy and unique email subject lines
  • Content that highlights the strengths of your business
White-label databases

A key to the lead generating outreach campaign is the perfect and extensive database to pick the right audience explicitly for you.

  • Mining highly qualified contacts for your market and business needs 
  • Using white-label sources that are 100% risk-free 
  • The audience is already potentially interested
Specific targeting

Regardless of a lead generation channel, we always think about getting an audience as precisely as possible, to aim at “warm” prospects.

  • Right timing of campaigns
  • Narrow niches and hot topics
  • Clear messaging. No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Mails.
Lead generation funnel

Our job is done just as soon as you make a deal, sell your product/service, and up to that time we never pull over and build a “smart follow-ups system”.

  • Smart follow-ups in proper timing.
  • Unobtrusive. Discreet. Delicate. Highly customizable.
  • Reach your prospects in the place they could be reached (Linkedin + Email campaign).

Benefits of outbound lead generation

1. Applicable to your current marketing strategy

You can apply all existing marketing materials, literally everything. Identify target audience and best marketing approaches. Create templates. Establish an entire database of potential customers.

2. Flexible costs

Costs for outbound lead gen are always clear and fixed. No unexpected fees. No additional expenses in the middle of a project.

3. Fast customer feedback

A colossal advantage of an outbound campaign is a possibility of real-time testing. Get immediate feedback and make instant conclusions to check whether prospects are associating with the message or not.

4. Clear and measurable results

First prospects who are interested in your product or service may start replying on the day of the first email campaign. Quality, quantity and frequency always bring results.

5. High ROI

It’s always clear what you get in return. In one month your business can get as many sales calls and consequently as many closed deals that you’ll be able to compare with marketing expenses. 

6. First outcomes are higher than from any other marketing channel

This is because you don’t have to deal with changing bids, competitor ranks, changing pricing pricing, etc. From our experience, outbound lead generation is 7X more cost-effective than social or Google advertising.

How we do outbound lead generation

Get the database of prospects for your business.

Our scraping network, WVSGrab, makes thousands of leads every day. This crawling system allows us to find any business in any industry anywhere in the world. You can get the potential customers you want across any field with high accuracy.

We'll drop emails directly to customers' inboxes.

Our mailing network, WVMail, catch businesses with customized, powerful outreach. This exclusive system sends a huge number of customized messages with incredibly high open rates (on average 40-50%). We mix various ways to try out many various combinations and continually sort out the absolute best for you.

Constant observation and improvement

We won't blindly provide you with B2B leads - we improve your campaigns daily/weekly based on A/B testing. All the elements are streamlined: custom fields, subjects, body templates, and CTAs. We help you transform your prospects from "cold but still semi-interested" (they just reply "want to know more") into hot (closing a deal).

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