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Lead generation

Building funnels in a lean way

Classic service model

Result-based lead gen

Combined modes

Flexible pricing

Types of lead gen activities


- Building databases
- Email campaigns
- LinkedIn messaging
- Supporting pitch decks


- Google search ads
- Social ads
- Native in-article Advertising
- Video ads

Organic marketing

- Content creation
- Social media
- PR
- Opinion leaders engagement

White-label databases

A key to the lead generating outreach campaign is a good database

  • Contacts provided willingly
  • Audience is potentially interested
  • Narrow niches and hot topics
  • A possibility to unsubscribe
  • Right timing of campaigns
  • Clear messaging

Specific targeting

Regardless of a lead generation channel, we always think about narrowing an audience as precisely as possible

  • Company size
  • Position
  • Territory
  • Interests and pain points
  • Field of business

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