Not "just another agency"

Unlike popular “marketing agency” model, we are not aiming to “satisfy our clients”, we rather concentrate on real business growth.

With somebody outside your business looking in, it’s always easier to come up with fresh ideas. You can choose a level of our immersion in your marketing activities – from small partial projects to a full-scale partnership. Whales Ventures is always considering best cost-efficient ways to run marketing projects.

Outsourced full-stack team

A complete marketing team working on our side and reporting to you

Tactical and strategic advisors

High-profile consultants who could point out right directions and audit your activities

Extension to your team

An extra pair of hands to help your current marketing team do their job better

Lifelong partnership

A partnership concept is embeddable into your business structure - we benefit from your growth

Content marketing and reputation management

Setting up a content marketing strategy to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Using the full set of content assets – texts, blog posts, press releases videos, photos, infographics.

  • Internal Content Marketing

Setting up a website, blog social accounts in a way to attract and engage users online using different types of rich content.

  • External Content Marketing

Using guest blogs, catalogs, listings in order to increase external backlinks and quotations by authoritative sites all over the internet.

  • Online Reputation Management

Generating newsworthy issues, sending out press-releases, working with opinion leaders to grow awareness and reputation

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization

A set of internal website - code, imagery and copywriting to help search bots pick your website to the top.

Content management

Posting blog articles, adding new updates to existing articles and pages, adding rich content (infographics, presentations, whitepapers).


Getting links and citations on highly authoritative industry websites, guest blogging, registrations in catalogs.


1. Building databases

Collect contacts of your “sweet-spot” addressees – potential clients, investors and stakeholders. We use only white-label sources and technologies to build targeted lists.

2. Creating relevant messaging

Regardless of a platform, an efficient outreach message has to be short, clear and straight to the point. We also apply creative approach in order to get through the noise.

3. Email Outreach

The most effective classical way of getting new leads is email campaigns. We utilize this channel in a smart way, by reaching right audiences with short and clear messaging, without annoying disruptions.

4. LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn allows to create databases and target right people by industry, company size, position, territory, etc. Our experienced outreach team makes LinkedIn messaging interesting and engaging.

5. Sales presentations and pitch documents

After having replied to your message or email, a person needs to receive a clear document with your offer. We specialize on creating nice-looking PDF’s, PPT’s, videos and infografics for sales and marketing pitches.

6. Follow-up

Up to 70% of your outreach may be wasted without a proper follow up. Whales team uses time-proven techniques of sending out reminders and calling up for a second dialog.

Public Relations

The media is the most powerful industry on Earth. Using the right approach to media, your company could make influence on the entire market, significantly grow your fan base and user base of your products.

A good PR story is way more effective than an old-school banner ad. It could be a success story of a top manager or an expert research of your market, a review of your product. It’s always better to start from publications that observe your narrow niche.

  • Newsworthy issues generation

In order to win the attention of journalists and publishers, you have to present them a hot topic, a deep research or a cool story resonating with their readers.

  • Media relations

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a decent database of friendly media representatives and maintain good relations with them. Whales Ventures has a large and experienced PR team to manage your media relations.

  • Industry experts engagement

Bloggers, opinion leaders, even your hottest rivals and competitors – it’s important to maintain good relations with all of them.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns

Google Search

Putting relevant ad creatives in front of the right people who search your products and services in google. We optimise costs by appealing to narrow audiences.

Social Ads

Set your message on social media at the moment your target users are most likely to to receive information about your brand.

Native Ads

Bring visitors to your blog content using native in-content ads placed on informational websites read by your audience.

Display ads

Generate awareness and drive traffic by display banner ads placed on most visited platforms

Video ads

Get leads and website visitors using video format - the most engaging and growing online promotion tool

Mobile application ads

Get website visits or downloads for your mobile app by placement relevant ads in App Store and Google Play.

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