Public Relations

Positive media coverage attracts over 40% loyal customers to an average B2B company


Increase brand awareness

Businesses that stay under the radar of potential customers perform worse than those that are covered in the media. With a strong PR services strategy in place, media relations and PR help companies increase brand awareness and generate new leads.

Get citations

Companies that publish valuable data and get quoted by industry media, are most likely to and gain authority and trust by their potential clients. Media citations is one of the most important factors of consistent business growth.

Get more qualified leads

Your industry blogs and media outlets get thousands to millions of web visitors every month. Getting published there allows your brand to get rapid awareness get and generates a quick inbound flaw of web visitors who ultimately turn into qualified leads.

Increase search rankings

Media websites usually have more domain authority, which is a key factor for Google to form consistent search results. Links from PR articles placed in authoritative media are extremely valuable and can get your website to the top of search results very fast.

Step-by-step activities by Whales Ventures PR team

  1. PR strategy development

2. Building media contacts database

3. Generate newsworthy issues

4. Pitch to blog or media outlets

5. Get the articles published

6. Work with individual influencers

Types of PR services

1. Building a PR Strategy

Every content distribution and PR campaign should start with a strategy. This may either be a once-off or short-term campaign, or a long-term campaign that generates ongoing leads and accelerates ROI. Our PR managers work with our clients to determine short and long-term goals, media outlets and target audience, channels and platforms, keywords that should be included, key messaging, and the relevant PR tools that should be used.

2. Writing Press Releases

Once the strategy, outlets and channels have been finalized and signed-off, we will start preparing press releases. Most PR campaigns start off with a press release as a means for other blogs and media outlets to get to know the company and its personal story. A press release is the most time and cost-effective method to achieve this.

3. Influencer marketing

Another way to improve brand authority, as well as organic SEO benefits, lead generation, and web traffic, is by writing and publishing guest articles. Guest posts are submitted under the brand name or byline of the company that pays for the service. Articles are normally pitched in a way that is similar to press releases. Media outlets charge for publishing guest posts, providing they can guarantee high levels of web traffic and visibility.

4. Building connections with writers

This is an important step in PR activities and consists of finding relevant writers or journalists, befriending them, and then suggesting they write about your topic. For regular marketers, it is however a very time consuming and difficult task. This is where we come in. We have access to a pool of writers who have been working with us for about four years and we can ensure that your press release, publication, or newsletter will be delivered to your target audience via professionals. 

Our PR projects

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46% of Sales Growth for a Software Dev Company

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    14 Closed Deals in 2 Months For for Real Estate Company

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      46% of Sales Growth for a Software Dev Company

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        SEO and Email strategy implementation for tech company

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