+120% conversion rate from website visitors to prospects

The overview:

Canyon Smart is a brand of high-quality and affordable security and surveillance kits for homes. Canyon provides a set of hardware solutions including wireless IP cameras and smart home sensors: motion door opening, flood, fire, movement, etc. Integrated into third-party software, Canyon Smart brings security to every homeowner.


The way out:

Whales Ventures team done the full-fledged research, to understand what exactly interesting for consumers, what they are relied on when buying security stuff for home, and then constructed content marketing strategy which included blog posts, website copies, and emails drafts. As a next step, our skilled copywriters wrote dozens of engaging posts and articles supervised by digital strategists. Whales Venture was also involved in a graphic design for the website to dilute the text and make it readable.


Projects implemented:

  • Optimize current website pages for expanded keywords
  • Build basic semantic core based on competitors research and company expertise
  • Write new content for the blog as well as for the internal product pages
  • Build and execute link building strategy to improve optimization
  • Create graphic components to improve engagement
Untitled design (4)

+210% daily organic traffic

Untitled design (5)

+160% non-branded keywords traffic

Untitled design (6)

120% growth in the number of leads from the website

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