14 Closed Deals In 2 Months For A Real Estate Company


Our Client, a US-based real estate company, wanted Whales Ventures to create and implement an email marketing strategy. The company’s name cannot be revealed under the NDA, so we’ll refer to it as ‘The Client’. Our main goal was to build lasting business connections with prospects motivated to collaborate. Consequently, email marketing campaigns helped increase sales. Let’s take a look at the actual metrics:

  • 16,000 emails delivered
  • Open Rate: +143%
  • Conversion Rate: +137%
  • Form Submission: +71%

Way out:

At the start, Whales Ventures did a complete audit of the existing email marketing strategy, defining the key elements that bring profit and the outdated ones. After, we ran a full competitor analysis and industry check to get a better understanding and define our to-do list. We decided to write unique email copy that included call-for-action messages, resulting in high conversion rates. It’s worth mentioning that we don’t disturb clients while creating and running email marketing strategies. We rely on our own specialists, mail accounts, and ESPs. Our Client doesn’t ever deal with spam blocks or mailing restrictions.


We defined the perfect amount of monthly emails to be 8,000. After the first month with new email copy, the open rate reached 80%, only to double by 143% at the end of our cooperation. The conversion rate also grew steadily, resulting in a 137% increase. We gained a 71% increase in form submissions too. Still, the 2 most important metrics are Sales Volume growth and Revenue growth, which were 58% and 21,5% respectively. The Client’s C-level managers were impressed and satisfied with such a boost in a short period like this. Clearly, Whales Ventures’ email marketing strategy turned out successful and well-performed.

email marketing

16,000 emails sent during the first month

Untitled design (3)

Sales Volume: +58%

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Revenue Growth: +21,5%

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