15 inbound clients in a first Q of cooperation

The overview:

Superior Golf & Spa Resort is a chain of Golf resorts located in Eastern Europe. It handles perfect golf courses as well as spa salons, recreation complexes, restaurants, and hospitality facilities.



The story:
When the client came to us they had already developed a perfect service and top-quality product. However, they had no regular and strong digital marketing strategy and had no one who could implement it. Superior Spa requested our services because previously we had experience in the luxury sector of the B2C market. So we started from the analysis and market investigation. The client wanted to create internal website pages with engaging content and a blog with educational posts. Overall we were also supposed to increase current keyword rankings and enhance semantic core. After the first strategic call, we decided to take over content creating as well as blog post writing, sales copies, email copies, social media copies, etc. We also had a team of marketers that was in charge of content contribution and promotion. We’ve literally made a full circle of the content marketing activities.



Tasks we covered:

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Keyword research, competitors research, market research
  • Content marketing
  • Landing pages optimization
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+180% blog readers in a first Q

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60 warm leads contacted us via the website in a first Q

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15 inbound clients in a first Q

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