46% Sales Growth For A Software Dev Company


Having started as a small dev studio, KitRUM has grown into a full-scale software development company with offices, R&D centers, and remote teams located all across the globe. Now, it has offices in the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, and Israel. The company serves pixel-perfect corporate software solutions to more than 30 clients in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


Whales Ventures helped the client develop lasting business relationships with local companies and engage new prospects. We collaborated for 6 months, which resulted in more business connections and sales growth. These are the key metrics of the implemented e-mail marketing strategy:

  • 38,000 emails delivered
  • Open Rate: +186%
  • Email Conversion Rate: +137%
  • Form Submission: +126%

Way out:

Inka’s content bureau is where all the SEO efforts came from. The client decided to focus on full-circle outbound marketing, covering email marketing and the pre-sales stage. We also formed a marketing strategy, overall recommendations, outbound monitoring, and analytics.

The goal of outbound marketing is to provide your contacts with strongly customized, valuable content at the right time and in the right context. This type of marketing turns “cold leads” into prospects and then clients faster than inbound marketing.

First, Whales Ventures specialists evaluated the existing email marketing strategies and studied the previous metrics. It’s crucial to grasp what the client did before and discern what was and wasn’t successful. This way, we figured out the additions to the new plan and the parts to leave out. Researching further, we ran a full competitor and industry analysis to structure our set of actions. We decided to create new branded email copy and change the tone of voice. It became clearer, simpler, and more laconic. In addition, our designer produced interactive email designs for higher engagement. It’s worth noticing that we never tamper with our client’s work and make sure everything’s risk-free. This means that we rely on our own technical tools, specialists, and mail accounts. There’s no process interruption caused by disturbed employees or mass mail blocks.

Projects implemented:

During 6 months of cooperation, we delivered 38,000 emails to potential leads. We managed to bring the open rate to 186% and created a contact form for convenience. The email response rate covering those who contacted our client after receiving the letter increased to 172%. Only 1 month later, our email conversion rate skyrocketed to 137%. We also managed to add 13% to the conversion to appointment rate metric. Eventually, our email marketing strategy helped our client gain a 46% boost in sales. The result speaks for itself, and the top management of our client’s company was pleased. We consider this kind of long-term implementing strategy to be effective for both quick results and lasting benefits like sales growth.

email marketing

Email Response Rate: +172%

Untitled design (3)

Conversion to Appointment Rate: +13%

Untitled design (2)

Sales Volume: +46%

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