24% Sales Increase Via Email Marketing


Everyone loves a good story. The Inka team knows how to tell it. It’s a creative agency and copywriting studio serving vibrant ideas to clients all around the globe.

Way out:

Regarding Inka content bureau, all of the SEO efforts were on their side. So, the client decided to focus on full-circle outbound marketing that covered emails and the pre-sales stage. We also worked on a marketing strategy, overall recommendations, outbound monitoring, and analytics.

The goal of outbound marketing is to give your contacts strongly customized and valuable content at the right time and in the right context. This turns “cold leads” into prospects, then into clients faster than inbound marketing.

Projects implemented:

  • Marketing strategy implementation
  • Lead generation via email marketing
  • Pre-sales efforts
email marketing

13,000 Emails Sent In The 1st Month

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160 Prospects From Outbound Marketing In The 1st Month

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+24% In Sales Via Email Marketing