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Whales’ Digital Marketing Services

Let’s Build Your Brand From Square One

90% of users pay more to a trusted brand

Building that trust takes strategy, tools, and an entire team of extra hands. Whales got all of it.

  • Smart Strategies. Whales dive into your product. Instead of one-time solutions, we build a data-driven system to help your brand weather any storm and competition.
  • Front-Line Tools. Whales use AI-powered tools to analyze data and generate solutions that hit the spot. Fast project launch and smart resource allocation are our strong suits.
  • Skilled & Driven Crew. Whales are an ambitious bunch that can form the vision and strategy of the brand or help with individual tasks – it’s up to you.

Whales Core Services

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ solution. Through CRM setup & management, website integrations, AI tools, and sales & marketing automation, Whales help automate repetitive tasks, launch and test your best campaigns, and nurture leads automatically.

  • PPC

    Whales will target your PPC ads by search keywords, time of day, day of the week, geography, language, device, and audiences based on previous visits. Our approach is all about data and analytics; the results come within hours and at a low cost.

  • SEO

    Need better leads? Whales’ custom approach based on real-time analytics, ongoing reporting, and robust content gets the job done. Back it up with on-site optimization and link-building, and wait for the leads to pour in.

  • Outreach

    Numbers don’t lie, and Whales know how to work with them. Clear messaging, narrow niche targeting, and personalized outreach is our way to get 50-100 monthly leads for you. Let’s build your custom approach – we’re ready to start with any existing marketing materials.

  • AI Marketing

    Whales’ AI-powered email tool does wonders for target audience data collection. With it, you’ll also get emails that are so personalized people can’t help but respond to them. And then, there’s automated email delivery. We’re talking high volumes – over 10,000 contacts at a time.

  • Web Development & UI/UX Design

    Whales can be your project manager, designer, developer, and creative director at once. There’s enough expertise and extra hands to build an online presence that wins hearts. Let’s build a fast, secure, and interactive website that reflects your brand and converts visitors into customers.

  • Digital Audit, Analytics & Reporting

    Metrics rule all key processes and initiatives. With digital analytics, we can help you design objectives, strategies, and processes for business growth. Whales are progress-coded, so we cover everything from campaign and competitor audits to branding, SEO, and web analytics.

  • Creative Solutions

    Still using the same logo from day one? Let Whales shake it up. Branding and marketing aren’t made the same. With brand positioning & strategy, visual identity development, and content production, Whales can create a vision for your brand and a purpose behind it, something to stand for.

  • SMM

    Need to turn followers into loyal customers? Let us take over content creation, campaign management, and audience targeting. People want to work with people – so we build relationships with audiences by showing the real faces and values behind brands.

FinTech, Healthcare, EdTech, and E-commerce.

Feel free to reach out to Whales for individual tasks like SEO optimization or PPC ads. Or, we can build your brand from scratch and take over every core process.

With outbound lead generation, you can expect numerous sales calls and closed deals within the first month. Conversely, SEO takes longer to bear fruit but is also focused on long-term results. So, it all depends on what you need.

Drop us a line using the contact form below. One of our whales will reach out to you and get the show on the road!

Whales Ventures is a perfect fit for B2B SaaS companies - FinTech, Healthcare, EdTech, AdTech and more. Consumer electronics, real estate, and E-commerce brands are also among our clients.

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