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Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound Lead Generation


Lead generation is not just a numbers game. It’s a game of skill and strategy, and Whales plays it well. Let us find your B2B clients fast and within the budget.

Customized outreach, clear messaging, and narrow niche targeting. We’ll use risk-free sources and find 50-100 qualified leads for you monthly. Ready to begin?



Get a database of prospects

Our scraping network finds thousands of leads daily. Find businesses in any industry and anywhere in the world. High accuracy, white-label databases, and precise targeting of your desired audience.


Drop emails directly to your customers’ inboxes

Our mailing network will bait the hook and reach your target prospects. You can expect waves of customized messages with astronomically high open rates (45-50%). Whales tests and combines techniques to find your best custom approach.


Build on it

Whales won't just hand you B2B leads; instead, we'll use A/B testing to enhance our efforts. Custom fields, subjects, body templates, and CTAs – all of it. You’ll go from "want to know more" responses straight to closing deals.


Flexible costs

Outbound lead generation costs are transparent and fixed. No unforeseen charges or extra costs while working on outreach.

Fast feedback

A big part of outbound lead generation is real-time testing. You'll get feedback immediately and see how well prospects respond to your messages. Users interested in your product or service can start reacting as fast as the first day of the campaign.

High ROI

Expect numerous sales calls and closed deals within the first month. Returns are as clear as day – and it’s easy for you to evaluate the expenses.


Whales can start with whatever you have. Give us any existing marketing materials, and we’re ready to identify your target audience and move forward.