Custom software for marketing

No need to use multiple dashboards for different marketing tools. Whales Ventures creates perfect customisable and intuitive interfaces.

Content management

Cross-platform tools that allow to post content on the website and throughout all social platforms in one click.

Outreach automation

Build lists and databases of potential clients, send out and analyze email campaigns and messages.

Mobile apps

Use your smartphone to stay in touch with your marketing data 24/7

Integrated visual reporting

Track your marketing performance in one user panel. We use technology to visualize and automate different types of reports.

  • Analytics

An integration of google analytics, social media platforms as well as user-entered data about all your marketing analytics in one dashboard.

  • Visualisation

Generate clear and understandable reports in visual format, use them for reporting across the organisation.

  • Planning

Reporting alone is never enough! In order to keep up the great results, we offer a range of mapping, planning and prospecting software tools.

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