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How We Work

We work with venture-backed startups, middle-size companies and technology entrepreneurs. With us, they can overcome challenges with starting or scaling their businesses, generating leads, attracting new customers, and acquiring investments


Helping startups acquire and allocate assets on stages A and B. We don't give money, we help you find people who already want to invest in your idea, making sure your strategies are convincing and show potential for making profits.


Developing a business model, sales pitch, marketing strategy, and branding. Starting from the beginning – your company's image, your message to the prospects, team processes, automation approach (it can cover a lot), and ways to reach potential customers and close deals.


We build a brand, unravel the company's value, generate leads, launch advertisement campaigns, and write stories, copy, and emails. We form teams and help implement the full set of tools for business growth.

As a Marketing Agency

We help businesses and software companies to develop brand messages, deliver them to the right audiences, and grow leads and sales.

  • Audit and consulting
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • PR
  • Lead generation

As a Fund

We invest our resources in early-stage startups and help them get off the ground.

  • Software development support
  • Early-stage support
  • Expansion support
  • Business acquisition
  • Marketing and branding


We started Whales Ventures as a joint venture, with a bit of enthusiasm. After a few years, it has outgrown all the other projects we had. As of now, we have a full-scale fund and an agency that helps boost businesses. Once companies opt for us, they never leave.

Truly dedicated to business management and growth hacking, we have vast experience in sales, business administration, consulting, and management.

As a “universal soldier” in marketing communications, we were part of award-winning advertising agencies in the early 00’s. Now, we help companies grow their presence in the European and US markets.


  • Our essential belief? People are everything. We collect vivid and talented people together, creating the perfect environment for them to grow.
  • We believe in people that give their best without micromanagement or quality sabotage.
  • We believe in partnership, not just co-working.
  • We believe that our client is our partner. We don’t just deliver tasks, but try to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.
  • We believe in work-life balance: we strive, but don’t always succeed.
  • We believe in passion for work and true vocation.
  • We believe that any work should be paid, that being based on real effort.



Problem solver. Perfectionist. Plays squash, eats healthy, loves Omar (his cat).

Client Marketing Director
Client Marketing Director

The guru who knows Google's algorithms better than Google itself.

Advertising Expert
Advertising Expert

The first woman in the world who knows how to spend money smartly and increases your ROI.

Content Manager
Content Manager

Knows what beauty is and how to achieve it whether through text, video or visuals.


Can build a team of any complexity in 1 week and make everyone love her.


Gets things automated — literally anything.

Wordpress Expert
Wordpress Expert

Translates your idea into a well-structured WordPress website.

Email Marketing Expert
Email Marketing Expert

Will deliver 3k emails in one day without a single question.


Florida, US
Head Office

Florida’s business environment is a melting pot for highly-educated and experienced people who strive for innovation and progress.

Mexico, Mexico
Research and Development Center 

Mexico’s market of software outsourcing keeps blooming due to recent successful governmental programs.


High Tech Park Yokneam, Israel
Marketing Team

Located in the very heart of Northern Israel, High Tech Park in Yokneam provides access to the latest technologies and innovations.

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Back Office

Ukraine is a country with rapidly developing economy and a source of highly-talented and enthusiastic people coming from a tech-friendly environment.

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