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we embrace the
remote work approach

At Whales, we're proud to say that work doesn't have to be confined within four walls. We've harnessed the power of tech to bridge the physical gaps. Given the freedom to work comfortably, our team members unlock their true potential and deliver outstanding results. So, whether you find us typing away in our PJs or taking calls with a SpongeBob backdrop, know that we're breaking the mold and proving that work and comfort indeed go hand in hand.

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team life extends beyond the office.
We promote flexible working hours, empowering
our team to tailor their schedules to suit their needs. Fostering a culture
of work-life balance makes productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction go uphill.
So, if you see our team members engaging in non-work activities, know that they are recharging
their batteries, ready to bring their best selves to the table. After all, a balanced life is the key to happiness.

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  • Country:Canada
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  • Country:Ukraine
  • Department:Research center

Yokneam Illit High Tech Park

  • Country:Israel
  • Department:Marketing team