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Search Engine Optimization

claim your spot on top of google search results

The top three Google search results get 54.4% of all clicks

Whales’ strategies will transform your website’s visibility.

  • On-site optimization. Code editing, text blocks & web structure arrangement, and page load speed, and rich snippets setup will increase your search visibility.
  • Content creation. Production of blog posts, service pages and user guides, content research, planning, and analytics are all key to our SEO strategy.
  • Link-building. Nothing boosts search visibility like citations on the web. We’ll register your website in industry listings, do guest blogging, acquire links on partner websites, and more.

whales’ SEO Plan: The 4 Stages

  • SEO audit

    A thorough audit sets the scene for Whales’ search marketing. What your audience is looking for and what they read and watch helps us make you seen. You’ll discover how your current SEO efforts affect sales and, what’s more – ways to improve them.

  • growth points analysis

    Your website’s weak points show us ways to improve. With a variety of tools and resources, Whales develop a winning SEO strategy that covers all bases.

  • Implemen-tation

    This stage is all about analyzing data and adjusting the approach to search engine updates . During this time, Whales closely supervise the competition and plan further steps based on that.

  • Reporting

    Whales are data-driven: weekly and monthly analytics let us evaluate campaign success and tweak strategies. With long and short-term goals in mind, we adjust accordingly based on the collected data.

only 5% of companies succeed with SEO. why?

  • SEO optimization isn’t a one-time job. Search engines constantly update algorithms and change the way websites are ranked. Today’s best practices for SEO may not be the same tomorrow.
  • Keywords need weekly reviews. Google is an evolving model, and adjusting your keyword strategy will keep your website from sinking to the bottom of search results.
  • Your content must match the Expertise, Authority, and Trust criteria. The way real users search for products and services changes regularly, so crafting content that fits their search queries and builds loyalty is necessary.