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PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns


Whales’ PPC tactic is simple: demographic targeting, keyword research, and creativity. Our average ROI is $4.2 for $1 spent on ads, and we make sure every penny counts.

Nothing matters more than sharing your message – expect precise targeting, tailored ads design, and quantifiable and qualified leads.



Keyword & copy work.

Every picked word should produce results. Whales carefully crafts ad copy and restructures your existing content so it reflects your brand and stays seen. Whether it’s social media or search ads, people are gonna wish they’d found you earlier.



Constant improvement is our anchor. Based on data, Whales identifies the best places to advertise, scale efforts, and target major decision-makers in your niche.



2% of users will buy your product or service immediately. Use retargeting for the rest. With dynamic, social, and Google retargeting, Whales can create custom ads for the most recently checked products and follow up with social media ads.



With PPC, you can quickly find the sweet spot between budget and results. Whales can help you have total control of your budget, targeting, and ad placements. No need to pay for anything other than the clicks.


You can use PPC user data to strengthen your SEO & social media strategies. With integrated PPC, cross-channel user data gathering is no bother. See which audience groups perform better and use that information in targeting and ad copy to reach even more people.


Never rely on Google alone. Whales will run your campaigns on native advertising platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, and more. Our native ads blend in with the medium they appear in, matching the readers’ experience.

High customization

Whales gets weirdly specific with audience groups. We’ll personalize ads based on interests, behaviors, search history and demographics, and even do it for a particular audience member.