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AI in Marketing and business growth

artificial intelligence: Whales’ pov

In today’s digital era, companies turn to AI to save time, streamline processes, and drive growth. Although AI can handle tasks quickly and precisely, human oversight is essential to ensure ethical and legal guidelines compliance.  At Whales, we utilize to AI to help you achieve business objectives, pinpoint areas for improvement, and resolve any issues that arise.

how AI is used in marketing & business growth

  • Illustration and design

    For visual design, AI-powered tools help us analyze data and trends to pick color palettes or design elements that hit the spot. They’re also pretty good at suggesting design options. Whales’ designers continue to enrich their own style and skillset, using AI-generated designs as a creativity supplement – not a replacement.  Some design tools we use include MidJourney,  DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Adobe Firefly.

  • Video editing tools

    AI-powered tools help us analyze footage and introduce edits based on factors such as lighting, composition, and color grading. Such tasks as transcription, captioning, and audio editing can also be partially redirected to AI, which makes the overall process smoother, saves time, and encourages better creative decisions. Some AI-powered video editing tools we rely on include Kaiber, Runway, and Descript.

  • Content Creation

    AI-powered tools help our content creators generate new, original ideas and concepts. They provide insights on trending topics and help support our unique perspectives. To us, AI-generated material acts as inspiration rather than something to copy and paste. Such tools as Grammarly, ChatGPT, and CopyAI are good examples that make getting past writer’s block easy.

Big data processing in email marketing

Data mining & Research

Whales AI-powered email tool performs research & data collection for target audiences. Data parsing from LinkedIn and listings included.

Database segmentation

Next, the tool easily segments the database based on user behavior, demographics, job position, and industry. This enables tailoring the messaging to specific audiences.

Email templates creation

With our tool, you can build email templates that are creepily detailed. We’re kidding, but the content gets so personalized one can’t help but respond to it.

Email distribution

You don’t have to worry about sending batches of emails manually ever again. Whales’ tool handles email delivery in high volumes – we’re talking more than 10,000 contacts at a time.