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Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Content isn’t a drop in the ocean anymore. Organic search will steer the audience to your website with Whales’ tools: keyword research, strategy formation, blogging, social media, and link-building.

Building brand awareness is no easy feat, but we’re not scared. Let’s put your messages in front of the right audience and cultivate brand champions together.



Build a smart content strategy.

Whales’ main goal is to make your brand visible and stand out in the stormy ocean of content. To create messages that capture your target audience, we turn to front-line approaches and strategies. In-depth research, creativity, and, most of all, your unique meaning and value – that’s our basis for solid content marketing.


Keep the pace.

Once the strategy’s there, Whales’ content creators will craft content within the set deadlines. Our approach and tools will help you weather any storm and come out on top with relevant and engaging messages.


Stick with it.

Predictability can be a good thing; that’s why you’ll get content consistently. Whales will deliver it across multiple channels: social media, emails, presentations, events, print, you name it.



82% of users evaluate content before buying – that’s good enough of a reason. Whales will bring a sea change to communicating your company’s values. Not to mention the possibility of going viral.

Brand awareness

Strong content lives on for months after it’s published. Whales can explore your company’s angles and paint a versatile picture of what it can bring into others’ lives.


Some content travels like wildfire or makes us want to try something new. Customers remember how you make them feel – with content, Whales knows how to inspire real purchases.


Content is the most direct way to someone’s heart (and pocket). Whales will help you deliver content that resonates with the audience and turns them into loyal brand ambassadors.