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Custom-tailored concepts for companies and entrepreneurs

Why Us?

For almost 5 years, we’ve been creating vibrant branding concepts for companies all across the globe. Our clients vary from small startups to large enterprises and global brands. Our methodology lies in the combination of in-depth research, business model immersion, and some creativity. We use innovative techniques and methods to create relevant messages that matches the target audience. Our main goal is to get your brand through the noise and make it seen. Here at Whales Ventures, we build brands that inspire.

How we build brands

Stage 1


According to the project type, the insertion meeting can be combined with interviews, surveys, market and competitive research, and review. At this stage, we build a creative brief.

Stage 2


If resources and timeframes allow for full-fledged research, we take our associates who provide a broad range of research approaches. This understanding gives us room for thoughts and insights.

Stage 3


With a definite understanding of the company’s goal and ideas, we build a communication and positioning structure. This in-house document polished over numerous consideration rounds acts as the brand’s basis. It builds all communication around a unique tone of voice.

Stage 4


With complete groundwork, we dive deeper into the visual incarnation of brand identity. We lead off by investigating and submitting several design proposals. Once the course is set, it goes through several creative investigation circles. It is then completed.

Stage 5

Broad lines

When we’re done with brand identity, it turns into a style guide. It establishes proper and stable implementation of the original brand property. Our brand handbook is a unique custom-made product that enables us and our customers to constantly update and expand the guide.

Stage 6


We fully engage in a process called “brand explanation”. First of all, we educate the internal team on the new brand identity: development of new business forms, signatures, sales, and marketing materials. Then, we go external, presenting the new brand over social media and listings.

Branding types

  • Consumer Branding

    • Consumer insights
    • Product identity
    • Package design
    • Touchpoint Design
  • Brand Management

    • Brand assets management
    • Digital assets management
    • Digital workflows
    • Managed services
  • Corporate Branding

    • Vision, mission, and values
    • Brand message, positioning, and personality
    • Brand expression
    • Brand architecture
    • Visual system design and application

Our cases in branding

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