Whales Ventures stands with Ukraine.

Content Writer (Part-time)

What we do

Whales Ventures is providing marketing services to startups, tech companies and serial entrepreneurs to enable and maintain the complete toolset for their growth. We focus on organic marketing instruments such as SEO, Website Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media.

What you will be doing

Imagine some “just another B2B tech startup” that asks for your help with content. Can you do a quick research to review competitors, relevant topics, right formats of content for this industry? Will you be able to fulfill a website with meaningful information and create a blog that would be interesting for their audience? Can you brief other writers to help you out and control the quality of their work? ?


Spheres of business you will be working with


  • B2B services
  • HR services
  • Tech solutions
  • Marketing and advertising


  • Online research: website, keywords, competitors
  • Understanding a core value, a general idea of clients business
  • Suggesting relevant topics for website pages and blogs
  • Writing content for website pages and blogs
  • Briefing and quality control of freelance writers
  • Overseeing and ensuring the consistency and quality of content
  • Participation in client meetings as a guest expert
  • Working with 2-3 projects simultaneously
Must-have requirements:


  • Excellent written English on the level of a native speaker-
  • Experience of working as a content creator
  • Experience in marketing agencies-
  • Experience with companies based in the US or UK
  • Education in Journalism, Marketing, Communications, Social Sciences etc

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