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Dynamic Sales Growth For A Software Company


KitRUM delivers pixel-perfect corporate software solutions to over 30 clients across North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

A small software development studio at first, KitRUM has grown into a software powerhouse with offices, R&D centers, and remote teams across the globe. Today, its footprint extends across the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, and Israel.

During the 6 months cooperation period, KitRUM made a transformative journey in synergy with Whales Ventures, fostering long-term relationships with local companies and engaging new prospects.

So, what was the key to success?


  • Marketing consulting
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Content creation


The Whales team crafted a marketing strategy, including recommendations, meticulous outbound monitoring, and insightful analytics. This strategic approach allowed us to precisely target contacts with valuable content at the right time and in the proper context. Such marketing practices turned cold leads into prospects and clients at an accelerated pace.

Whales assessed KitRUM’s existing strategies and previous metrics to extract successful components and discard the ineffective ones. Then, we crafted distinctive email copy and a refined tone of voice - precise and laconic. In addition, Whales’ designer created interactive email designs that increased user engagement.

Our commitment to a hands-off approach when running email marketing campaigns is worth noting. We rely on in-house specialists, technical tools, and dedicated mail accounts, ensuring the absence of spam blocks or mailing restrictions.

In summary, our collaborative efforts resulted in an email marketing strategy that helped KitRUM achieve a 46% sales boost.

Let’s look into the strategy’s critical metrics:

  • 38 000+ emails delivered
  • Open Rate: +186%
  • Email Conversion Rate: +137%
  • Form Submission: +126%
  • Email Response Rate: +172%
  • Conversion to Appointment Rate: +13%
  • Sales Volume: +46%

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