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New Sales Strategy & Deals For A Real Estate Company


Bound by the NDA, we shall refer to this firm as 'The Client,' respecting the confidentiality of our collaboration. An influential US-based real estate company asked Whales Ventures to craft and execute a dynamic email marketing strategy.

The main objective was to establish lasting business connections with prospects. Through meticulously organized email marketing campaigns, we achieved this goal and a significant upswing in sales.


  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead generation


The Whales team performed a detailed audit of the existing email marketing strategy and defined the key elements contributing to profit and improvements. Competitor analysis and industry trends research also enabled our experts to craft the action plan.

Whales developed bespoke email copy with persuasive CTAs, resulting in remarkable conversion rates.

Our commitment to a hands-off approach minimizes disruptions as we run email marketing campaigns. We rely on in-house specialists, dedicated mail accounts, and ESPs, ensuring the absence of spam blocks or mailing restrictions.

The client's C-level executives were impressed by the surge of 58% in sales volume and revenue growth by 21.5% within a short time.

Let's dive into more metrics:

  • 16 000+ emails sent in the 1st mth
  • Open Rate: +143%
  • Conversion Rate: +137%
  • Form Submission: +71%
  • Sales Volume: +58%
  • Revenue Growth: +21,5%

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