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SEO & PPC digital strategy mix for luxury golf & spa resort


Located in Eastern Europe, the Superior Golf & Spa Resort offers a golfer’s paradise, attracting players of all levels to test their skills among stunning views.

The resort features exclusive golf courses, spa salons, recreation complexes, restaurants, and hospitality facilities. It offers clients a remarkable stay that combines the thrill of playing golf, the pleasure of spa treatments, and relaxing hotel rooms.

Sounds like a top-quality product with excellent service, right? However, a robust digital marketing strategy was lacking. So, the Whales team joined to help out.


  • Marketing research
  • Website development
  • Content writing
  • PPC advertising
  • SEO optimization


Having experience in the high-end B2C sector, Whales started with a thorough market analysis. Based on research, the team developed new website architecture and a customized digital strategy. Our marketers performed local SEO and conducted keyword research to enhance the website’s semantic core.

As a result, the client received a wide range of content marketing activities such as content creation for blog articles & sales activities, social media posts, and photo & video shooting. Further digital marketing efforts were supercharged with a PPC advertising campaign targeting the local audience.

  • +180% blog readers within 3 mos
  • + 60 warm inbound leads within 3 mos
  • +15 inbound clients within 3 mos

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