Exclusive: Goodfirms Interviews Whales Ventures’ CEO

Vlad Kytainyk Shares His Journey & Experiences While Starting his Marketing Firm Whales Ventures.

Whales Ventures is a marketing firm located in the United States with another office in Israel. The firm helps clients to rise in the market and gain better business results with automated marketing and sales processes. For the 3 years, the firm has been delivering branding, SEO, advertising, digital marketing, PR, lead generation, auditing, and consulting, and other services to help start-ups, middle-sized, and technology entrepreneurs to have a strong foundation for their firm. The firm also supports companies to overcome the challenges of a competitive marketplace by generating appropriate leads and business growth. Plus, they also invest resources in start-ups to help them get on board. The firm calls itself a “universal soldier” in marketing and communication because they support businesses. 


Looking at the rapid progress of Whales Venture, the GoodFirms team got in touch with the CEO of Whales Ventures, Vlad Kytainyk who explained the ideas behind starting this firm and the reason behind its progress. In the interview session with GoodFirms, Vlad called himself a serial entrepreneur. He further mentions that Whales Ventures is not his first entrepreneurial venture, but it is indeed the most unique and innovative business venture he has established. Vlad states he has approx 15 years of experience working in businesses for different roles. So, he is well aware of the problems arising at different levels, i.e., at the sales level, production level, warehousing, marketing, personal management, hiring, project management, and auditions. And these factors need careful consideration, so he has researched far and wide for this.

In the interview, Vlad further stated that Whales Venture’s came into existence as a boutique agency and worked to help companies achieve market excellence through lead generation, sales and project management, business automation, and engineering solutions.

By applying the best set of technologies in brand positioning, the firm works to set up a strong brand message in customer’s minds. The team’s expertise in creating a visual identity in the form of logos, fonts, colors, etc., is unique and provides a distinctive identity. The firm goes the extra mile when it comes to delivering services. Thus, to ensure that clients receive the best services, Whales Ventures earns a position as one of the best branding agencies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.


The differentiating factor for Whales Venture is that they work with a dynamic team of different interests and personalities. This has made the team deliver result-oriented SEO services also. Jacob Votter, Global Solutions Manager at ICS² gave a 5-star rating to Whales Ventures and applauded them for their fast, smooth, and cooperative approach to work.

Whales Ventures caters to industry needs belonging to IT, healthcare & fitness, fintech, retail, media, and a lot more with their exceptional services. Plus, by providing a dedicated project manager for each project who is responsible for customer satisfaction. This is the reason why Whales Ventures has 30% of the clients from recommendations. Thus, for offering services full of vision and creativity, Whales Ventures earns a position as one of the top SEO agencies in Florida at GoodFirms.


After having gone through the brief interview by Vlad Kytainyk, CEO of Whales Venture, one can read the full and detailed interview published at GoodFirms.


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