+164 % In ROI For An Advertisement Campaign


AppVision is a data security platform that provides comprehensive protection for apps’ executable code against all the existing and emerging attack vectors. App publishers of all sizes can easily and safely add powerful anti-hacking protection to their apps. The team offers 3 types of software solutions: Detection and Response, Endpoint Risk Management, and a custom integration product for IBM.


AppVision is an app security development company that reached out to Whales Ventures for a search engine optimization solution. The idea was to get both branded and unbranded traffic, and reduce the cost per click. As a result, AppVision’s lead number grew. Whales Ventures developed and implemented a PPC strategy, which resulted in:

  • Average Position on Search Engine Results Pages: +54%
  • Average CPC: -3.5%
  • Click-Through Rate: +124%
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition: -21%
  • Overall Conversion Rate: +13%

Tasks completed:

As part of our PPC strategy, we started with competitors’ research. The team conducted major keywords research and estimation, as well as niche evaluation. We created an unwanted keyword list, deleted overlapped and duplicated keywords, and corrected conversion tracking. Then, Whales Ventures’ designer and copywriter produced new ad copy with branded visuals and slogans respectively. Our new headlines and description lines included a keyword and call-to-actions. Our marketing specialists optimized AdWords campaigns per the requirements. Needless to say, all communication between Whales Ventures and AppVision was successful thanks to our project manager. As a result, the average position in terms of search engine optimization rose by 54 %. In the meantime, the cost per click was reduced by 3.5%. We also made the Click-Through rate skyrocket to 124%, which led to a revenue boost.

Another important metric is the ROI –  the relation of money spent on optimization to the number of prospects you end up with. In AppVersion’s case, we increased the ROI up to 124%.

During the first 3 months of cooperation, we generated 60 leads for our client. Considering the reduction of cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition, the PPC strategy turned out to be a successful one.


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Cost Per Click: -68%

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Increase In ROI: +164 %

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+60 Prospects In 1st Three Months

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