Outbound Marketing Campaign For A Cloud Platform


Boosteroid is a browser-based cloud platform that allows users with low-performance computers to play high-end games. It gives a chance to reduce hardware expenses and get as much processing power as needed, so the capabilities of a computer no longer matter.


Whales Ventures modelled the target audience to launch unique email campaigns for the client intended for generating prospects and dozens of appointments. In the first 3 months, Whales Ventures delivered more than 8000 emails and generated over 250 leads. This laid the groundwork to grow income. And paid off for everyone. Our team ran recurring email campaigns including targeting and retargeting. Email copy created by WV brought a 58% open rate and a 16% response rate. We helped close deals with prospects within 15 days (median) from the first email. Now, this is close to impossible in terms of digital marketing.

Tasks completed:

  • Set up and integrated a CRM-system with the current business tools
  • Identified and grouped email lists of prospects
  • Launched 24 email campaigns monthly
  • Collected stats from each campaign and tracked the results in a CRM
  • Set appointments
email marketing

8000 Emails Sent In The 1st Quarter

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84 Appointments Set In The 1st Quarter

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+34% Bump In Monthly Sales

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