SEO and Email strategy implementation for tech company

The client:

Viacoding is a small yet highly skilled software development company located in Miami, Florida. The company provides custom software solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a strategic partner, we helped Viacoding to expand beyond the bounds of Florida state and get over 10 new clients all across the country.


The story: 

Viacoding is a Miami-based software development company. They specialize in developing software products, as well as building dev teams from scratch. This company requested SEO website optimization and Email marketing strategy from Whales Ventures. We were supposed to focus on the non-branded traffic increasing and consequently growth of the conversion rate. We developed SEO and Email Marketing strategy resulting in:


Tasks we completed: 

SEO Strategy Overview: The first step to creating an efficient and reasonably-priced strategy is deep competitors and field research. Therefore, after we did the audit of the existing website, our marketing specialists began to work on Viacoding’s search ranking. This activity includes developing semantic core, text optimization with targeted keywords, and boosting site traffic. Also, we worked with meta titles and descriptions and implemented a weekly keyword ranking review.


Email Marketing Strategy Overview: Firstly, we audited the existing email marketing practice in Viacoding to get a better understanding of which particular stages need improvement. Our copywriter rethought and rewrote email copies to reach better engagement and open rates. Moreover, Whales Ventures streamline the whole email marketing process to make it more automated and less human-depended. As a result, our new creative and interactive email copies helped Viacoding to increase the conversion rate.



After 2 months of cooperation, the conversion rate increased by 340%, which outscored expected metrics. Organic search and organic traffic increased by 48% and 51% respectively. Also, we managed to reach 140% growth of live-chat requests and 67% growth in form submission. As we specifically targeted non-branded traffic, it almost doubled hitting 93%. Overall, the average time on the page increased by 15,5%. The main goal to generate more prospects and boost the sales process was reached.

Conversion rate growth 340%

Untitled design (3)

Non-branded traffic increased by 93%

Untitled design (11)

Form Submission +67%

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