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Strategy development

How to win your market?

We help companies and brands to develop sales and marketing strategies that work. Whether you aim to build user base, enter new markets, or tweak current activities, our experts are ready to all your challenges.


Helping startups to acquire and allocate investments on stages A and B

Terms and costs

Setting up business model, sales pitch, branding, marketing strategy

KPI's and milestones

Hiring teams and helping to implement the whole set of tools needed for business growth.

Realistic expectations

Hiring teams and helping to implement the whole set of tools needed for business growth.

Our roadmap to effective strategy

1. Situation analysis

Gathering background inputs, learning about company business model, structure, culture, goals, strategies and current challenges.

2. External factors analysis

Exploring all factors that may have impact on a company – competitive environment, behaviour of different target audiences, season specifics, etc.

3. Building user persona

Whether you target one specific niche or a broad range of audiences, it is important to build a user persona. What goes on in their head that makes them choose you.

4. Assessing key strengths

In order to build up a strategic priority list, it is necessary to define what are the “low hanging fruits” you can pick as fast as possible. The best way to do it is concentrating on instruments you are already good at.

5. In-depth competitors research

Most of the answers can be brought up by digging deep into what your competitors are doing, what are their strengths and weaknesses. This usually leads to finding strong points of growth.

6. Planning

On the outcome, you’ll have a strategy document that contains goals, priorities, channels, KPI’s and expectations, and a roadmap with all possible milestones.

Types of strategies we offer

Launch and relaunch

Marketing communications

Sales and lead gen

Specific channels usage

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