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Evergreen Content Gets You Targeted Website Traffic

Evergreen Articles Increase In-Content Conversions By 70%

Is your company’s website traffic little to none? Did you know that using evergreen content in your marketing strategy is the lifeblood for websites?

Perhaps you’ve heard about evergreen content marketing, but you don’t know enough about it to get started. You may also believe this practice sounds too time-consuming.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content isn’t time-sensitive like yesterday’s news. Timeless information featured in evergreen articles drives your target audience to your website at present and will do so in the future. It clarifies how things work, and also anticipates and answers common questions. You can get ahead of competitors and make profits by placing evergreen content on your website.

What Are Evergreen Topics?

You can write an engaging evergreen article about classic jewelry, but if you sell vitamins, this topic is irrelevant. So, it’s essential to match your evergreen topic with your website. Otherwise, you’ll likely attract some looky-loos but won’t generate sales.

Some evergreen topics never die, like relationships, finances, food, weight loss, and parenting. How can you tie these topics into your website? For instance, do you carry a vitamin supplement that enhances weight loss? Write about it. Are your vitamins budget-friendly? Write about it. Do kids need certain vitamin supplements? Write about it.

Ran out of ideas? Read competitor websites, but don’t entertain the notion to “copy and paste” when you find an awesome evergreen article online. This is plagiarism. The original writer may find their article with your byline and put your name all over social media.

Potential buyers won’t like you, and they certainly won’t become loyal customers. It’s okay to explore websites or blogs for interesting ideas. Just use them to write your own unique article.

Any time you receive questions from potential buyers concerning your product, write a “how-to” article that answers them. Captivating evergreen articles attract devoted customers who’ll tell their friends. This strategy for generating word-of-mouth sales is money in the bank, and you can’t buy it.

How Effective Is Evergreen Content Marketing?

Evergreen content marketing can position you as an industry expert. It will keep your company name visible to the masses. Evergreen articles have been dubbed “the little black dress of the marketing world” (LBD). Like the LBD, evergreen content marketing is as appealingly appropriate ten years from now as it is today. It’s a classic form of marketing that is never passé.

Inviting comments and questions from your readers help ensure you are taking your website in the right direction. If you lack time or experience to write content articles, request professional content-writing services that will save you time and effort.

How can evergreen content boost your website performance?

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