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Tech Conferences for Entrepreneurs: Why Visiting Is Worth It

Tech summits are a unique blend of networking, knowledge sharing, exposure to trends, pitching opportunities, collaboration, and inspiration. Is there a better opportunity for anyone looking to thrive in the dynamic tech ecosystem and get insights fast? Exactly.

Let’s figure out why the impact of tech summits is unique and follow up with a strategic guide with real-life examples and practical tips, including Whales Ventures’ journey at the Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon.

Elevating Startups Through Networking

Events like tech summits offer a chance for startups and entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience, whether it’s potential investors, clients, or other like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s not just about networking; any connection could grow into something meaningful and propel your startup forward. Participating in such events lets you gain brand, idea, and message exposure.

Attending tech conferences and meeting fellow entrepreneurs can get overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the industry. While everyone approaches networking differently, you can’t go wrong with these tips:

  1. Before heading to an event, research it to ensure it fits your startup. Analyze the event’s purpose, speakers, and attendees to decide if it’s worth your time and money.
  2. Craft a short and snappy elevator pitch about your company for quick intros. Make it memorable and highlight the benefits of your product or service – it’ll help folks remember you when they’re looking for a new business connection or customer.
  3. Once you’re at the event, scan the crowd. You don’t have to talk to everyone – locate key folks who could be beneficial. Keep an open mind – success stories aren’t the only valuable connections.
  4. Pay attention during talks and presentations. Engage by asking relevant questions afterward, showing you’re keen to learn and be part of the conversation. Stand out by posing thoughtful questions others might not think of. Also, proudly share what you and your company bring to the table. Since you’re there to promote your business, seize every opportunity!
  5. After the event, connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or through email, and thank those who offered advice. There’s your chance to start building a relationship. Take time to evaluate what went well and what could be improved for your next time.


When done right, attending startup networking events can be incredibly rewarding. Here’s to making your next networking event a success with these tips!

Investor Relations & Pitching Excellence

For investors, who are usually more experienced in attending such events, tech conferences are more than just sipping coffee and exchanging business cards. They can discover hidden gems that could be the next big thing. The art of pitching has crucial importance here since a compelling presentation can unlock investor interest.  Like everyone else, investors love a good story, especially one backed by a brilliant idea.

Investors can rub shoulders with startup founders, fellow investors, industry experts, and potential collaborators. Tech conferences also serve as a reality check for investors, ensuring they’re caught up with the dynamic tech startup landscape. Awareness of emerging technologies and market shifts is crucial for making informed investment decisions and finding the next unicorn.

Here are some investor tips, too:

  1. Research Attendees and Speakers. Review the list of attendees and speakers in advance. Identify key individuals, startups, or companies you want to connect with – this will help you target and solidify your efforts.
  2. Define Objectives Beforehand. Whether you aim to discover new investment opportunities, find partners, or get updated on industry trends, you’ll navigate the event more effectively with a list of clear intentions.
  3. Initiate Conversations. Don’t wait for others to approach you. Take the initiative and start conversations. Be genuine, express interest, and ask open-ended questions to foster meaningful discussions.
  4. Listen Actively. Actively listen and pay attention to the challenges and aspirations of entrepreneurs and fellow investors. This helps you understand potential investment opportunities, demonstrates your genuine interest in others, and enables you to analyze others’ struggles and ways to help out.
  5. Stay Informed About Industry Trends. Attend panel discussions, keynote speeches, and workshops to stay updated with industry trends. This knowledge enhances your investment decision-making and provides valuable conversation topics during networking.


A well-defined strategy and a proactive mindset are your best friends at tech conferences!

Getting the Spotlight as a Digital Marketing Agency

If your marketing team is hungry for technology innovation and a breath of fresh air to revitalize the brand, tech conferences are a must.

Think about everything you can do: dive headfirst into the latest trends, from AI-powered marketing tools to the hottest social media tactics. Then, become a watchful spectator or grab the mic – speaking at these events will put your team in the spotlight as an industry thought leader. By the way, showcasing expertise isn’t limited to the stage. You can set up shop as exhibitors and flaunt your skills and services. The further you go from simple handshakes at a booth to standing tall in the dynamic digital landscape, the better. It’s your opportunity to make a statement that echoes long after the conference buzz fades.

Now, onto the tips for digital marketing agencies.

If you’re attending as spectators:

  • Research Attendees. Before the event, research the list of attendees. Identify key individuals, companies, or speakers you want to connect with and tailor your networking efforts accordingly.
  • Leverage Social Media. Use event hashtags on social media platforms to join conversations, share your experiences, and connect with other attendees. Does wonders for extending your network beyond the event venue.
  • Follow Up Afterward. Send personalized follow-up emails or messages to individuals you connected with. Express appreciation for the conversation and express interest in continued discussions or collaborations.

If you’re attending with an exhibition booth:

  • Make Your Booth Interactive. Design an engaging booth that reflects your agency’s personality. Use visuals, demonstrations, and interactive elements to draw attendees in and make a lasting impression.
  • Showcase Expertise. Display case studies, success stories, and examples of your work. Highlight your skills in various marketing channels and present tangible results to build credibility.
  • Host Mini-Events or Demos. These will attract a crowd, not only creating buzz around your booth but also providing an opportunity to engage with attendees on a deeper level.
  • Collect Contact Information. Streamline the process of collecting contact info from interested attendees to capture leads and initiate post-event communication. We recommend digital methods over traditional sign-up sheets.
  • Promote Your Booth in Advance. You can encourage attendees to visit your booth with teaser content, special promotions, or exclusive announcements. Share it loud and proud on social media.

Whales Ventures At Web Summit 2023

Recently, the Whales team attended the Web Summit 2023. To give you more details on how the Web Summit went for us, here are a few Whales’ testimonials that capture our experience best.

Vlad Kytainyk
“It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The Web Summit is about networking and building bridges between people, companies, and countries. What struck me the most? Each attendee shapes their experience uniquely and is open to new connections. So, initiating honest conversations and expressing genuine interest leads to insightful communication.

It’s clear that the Web Summit is all about expansion, and they nailed it with many side events. The only thing you have to do is have enough energy for the evening events. Daytime activities can easily cover 30,000 steps, which is also great physical exercise.”

Kateryna Sokyrko

“Tech conferences are a must. The very least you can get from them is realizing whether this format fits you. The abundance of events, information, and people packed in one area makes it all worth it.

Having a dedicated app also helps a ton, as well as the entire conference being digitized. You can intertwine the official and unofficial sequences of the conference as you see fit. Three days are more than enough to accomplish all the networking and listening you would otherwise spend weeks on.

What’s more, the Web Summit 2023 gathers the best speakers with the hottest topics. The scale of location and expertise gathered in one place is also unmatched. I don’t see a reason why someone wouldn’t want to attend. Even if you’re an introvert who dislikes meeting new people – like I thought I was – your days can be filled with lectures, panel discussions, and workshops on topics you find most interesting.

But please, don’t go unprepared. Figuring everything out on the spot might get disastrous – in the end, there are thousands of startups, people, and lectures. Even with solid prep, we couldn’t stop takong notes on potential improvements. So, set your goals beforehand and research the location, event principles, schedules – everything.”

Michael Herzberg

“If you attend an event like the Web Summit 2023, consider it a party of like-minded people.
After a party, you either meet new friends and acquaintances or not find anyone and go home alone, but with a good impression and emotionally fulfilled – that’s how the Web Summit works.

If you attend with your teammates, use this as a team building opportunity. See every stand, pitch yourself and your company, and challenge your colleagues to have more meetings. Define roles, such as a sales person with business cards and an attentive spectator for startup pitches and lectures.

As for me, pitches and storytelling at the grand opening were my biggest impressions. I also felt slightly lost in the crowd afterward, which is typical for a packed event like this. I also got acquainted with:

  • A lady who showed me a cyberpunk-style presentation of a next-gen cyber security and data protection startup.
  • A guy building a digital platform for renting yachts.
  • A team that just opened an office in Hong Kong.

In general, the Web Summit 2023 was a great team building event. However, more people want to pitch ideas and get money than those who look to spend it :)”

Hanna Safonova

“This was the first conference we attended, and its outcomes brought us joy. While every single detail made this experience wonderful, I feel like nothing sums it up better than these stats:

  • Walked all over Lisbon, accumulating 600k+ steps.
  • Saw a 100% growth in our LinkedIn connections.
  • Gave out 200+ business cards to key industry professionals.
  • Saw a significant 457% increase in social media engagement.
  • Presented over 60 product demos at our booth.

All in all, we’re looking forward to attending more conferences soon!”


In the fast-paced world of tech, conferences are catalysts for growth. The insights you gain – whether as an investor, entrepreneur, or digital marketer – open doors to otherwise unavailable prospects.

So, here’s the call: give tech conferences a try and apply our insights to your endeavors. Maybe the next event will be your golden opportunity.

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